Every study abroad adventure is a one-of-a-kind experience, and that starts at the beginning.

Your path to study abroad will depend on factors such as where you go to school, what you’re studying, and whether or not your school's financial aid transfers to your program.

Steps to Study Abroad

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Visit Your Study Abroad Office

Consult your study abroad office to learn more about the study abroad opportunities through your school. Additionally, our Representatives are here to help you and your study abroad office connect the dots between what we offer and what’s best for you.

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Research Scholarships

Talk to your on-campus financial aid office to learn more about your school’s aid policies for study abroad. Also, do some research online for scholarships and financial aid opportunities—like our millions of dollars in study abroad scholarships and aid!

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Explore Program Offerings

When the world is your oyster, where do you start? Use resources to compare and contrast your study abroad options, like our program finder where you can filter for study abroad programs or internship opportunities by major, destination, semester, and more.

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Apply Online

We have one universal study abroad application for all study abroad and internship programs, making it even easier to start your adventure. All students complete the online application. Depending on your school and program of choice, you may have additional application requirements.

Things to Consider When Picking a Program

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  • Duration
  • Experience
  • Graduation
  • Language

Do you want to study for a full semester, a summer, or an academic year?

Most of our 33 destinations offer all of these options, so whatever the answer is, we’ve got you covered!

Not sure? You can always try out a program and enroll in a second semester or summer while you’re there (you’ll get a pretty sweet discount, too!).

Get started by filtering programs by length in our program finder.

Find Your Program

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In the Academics section of your program of interest, you'll find courses. Use the course syllabi to ensure your program fits with your academic path.
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Follow Student Blogs
No one knows the IES Abroad experience better than the students. See what our current Correspondents are up to as they blog their experience.
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“What really inspired me to study abroad was just to change. You know that when you go somewhere you don't know all the answers to, you're bound to change.”
Kiubon K. • Clarmont McKenna College • Nantes – French Language Immersion & Area Studies

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