Do you want to learn more about intercultural competency and have intriguing, educational, diverse content to engage with? Our Diversity Relations Department compiled this list of engaging media for you to read, watch, and listen to as you dive into your intercultural expansion. We hope these conversations promote conversations in your homes where you are and abroad.

With a good mix of memoirs, fiction, and non-fiction, including books written by IES Abroad alums (as noted by asterisks), the books and online articles on this list cover contemporary intercultural issues and are great opportunities for learning, self-reflection, and conversation. 

These various different media forms join together for a well-rounded perspective of diverse experiences. While they are not the totality of all diverse experiences, they provide insight into some of the stories told and shared amongst people worldwide.

Join in on the power of storytelling and celebrate it by connecting with the resources below.

NOTE: IES Abroad does not have a partnership or formally endorse any external resources listed within this section.

Reading Recommendations by Topic

Podcast Recommendations by Topic

Podcast Visual Content

Headshot of Raisa Haque.
“Spending time alone and with those from very different socioeconomic backgrounds from you is so very important for growth and progression as a human being.”
Raisa H. • University of the Pacific • Barcelona – Liberal Arts & Business

Diversity Resources

students attend an LGBT parade