Process for Paying Your Bill

The process for paying your study abroad bill will vary based on your unique financial situation. Factors such as your financial aid offerings and our agreement with your home school will affect your bill and payment process.

Explore the process and payment options below, which fall under the three following categories. Additional billing information will be provided in your MyIESabroad account once you are admitted to a program. 

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1. Talk with your study abroad and financial aid advisors.

The payment process varies from student to student.

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2. Understand what's included in your program fee.

What’s included may vary from program to program.

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3. Pay your IES Abroad program invoice.

Details will be available in your MyIESabroad account after application.

Talk with Your Study Abroad & Financial Aid Advisors

The payment process varies from student to student as some students pay IES Abroad fees and tuition directly, while others pay program fees to their university. It's important to talk with both your study abroad and financial aid offices about how study abroad program fees are managed.

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Home School Financial Aid

If you plan to transfer any financial aid from your home institution to your IES Abroad program fee, you'll be prompted to provide an award letter stating how much aid will be awarded for the program and when it will be disbursed.

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Consortium Agreements

If your home school requires a consortium agreement or other documentation to pay IES Abroad with your financial aid, we will ask you to send these documents to our Enrollment Management Department. We will then complete and return these documents to your home school’s financial aid office along with a copy of the fee sheet for your IES Abroad program.

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Federal and State College Tuition Savings Plan

If you have a 529 or state-sponsored college tuition savings plan, you may or may not be able to apply your funds to your IES Abroad program fees. IES Abroad is not eligible to apply for a U.S. Department of Education Federal School Code, so we are typically not able to receive these funds directly from government agencies.