Comprised of elected Consortium Members and IES Abroad staff, the Academic Council oversees IES Abroad program quality control by setting educational policy for IES Abroad, advising the IES Abroad President concerning all academic matters, and providing for systematic contact between the Member institutions and IES Abroad both abroad and in the United States.

Academic Council members serve a three-year staggered term. It consists of seven member coordinators, a representative of the IES Abroad staff, the Chair of the General Conference, a coordinator from the IES Abroad School of Record, and the President.

Academic Council Members

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Greg D. Hess

Chair • IES Abroad

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Ted Pagano

Ex-Officio, Voting Member • University of Rochester

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Elsa Wehage

Secretary • IES Abroad

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Miguel Ayllon ('20-'22)

University of Missouri

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Rochelle Keesler ('20-'22)

Lafayette College

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J. Kline Harrison ('19-'21)

Chair of General Conference • Wake Forest University

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Ali Janicek ('19-'21)

Franklin & Marshall College

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Kristen Mallory ('19-'21)

Claremont McKenna College

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Kelly O'Sullivan Sommer ('19-'21)

University of California, San Diego

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Mark Rush ('18-'21)

Washington and Lee University

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Christine Wintersteen ('18-'21)

Bowdoin College

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