Member school faculty participate in the IES Abroad Curriculum Committee, which reviews all IES Abroad syllabi and compliance with the standards set forth by the IES Abroad MAP©, as well as in several other academic task forces.

A minimum of five member representatives, one of whom should be an elected member of the Academic Council, appointed to three-year staggered terms by the President in consultation with the Chair of the General Conference; one voting member from the IES Abroad School of Record—members are normally Coordinators with advanced degrees and faculty appointments; one IES Abroad Chicago staff member to serve as Secretary; non-Coordinators may be appointed to ensure representation in crucial fields—may be reappointed to serve as Chair.

Curriculum Committee Members

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Megan D. Leff

Secretary • IES Abroad

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Ruth Grahn ('20-'22)

Connecticut College

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Elaine Sia ('20-'22)

University of Rochester

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William Munro ('19-'21)

Chair • Illinois Wesleyan University

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Mark Rush ('19-'21)

Washington and Lee University

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Thomas Cossé ('19-'21)

University of Richmond

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Jim Neighbors ('18-'20)

Wofford College

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William Bowman ('18-'20)

Gettysburg College

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Anthony Olorunnisola ('18-'20)

Pennsylvania State University

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