We plan for the what ifs so that you don't have to worry. That's why our team of experts has curated a refund policy that keeps your best interest in mind. Starting in Spring 2024, all IES Abroad standard* programs will abide by the same, updated, refund policy. For refund policies related to Fall 2023 and before, contact us

It's important to note that IES Abroad’s refund policy may differ from your home school’s refund policy. In the event of a conflict, IES Abroad’s policy will supersede your home school’s policy. IES Abroad will issue any refunds that are due, if any, to the party who paid IES Abroad for those fees. You may be subject to different refund policies by your home school.

*"Standard" programs refer to programs offered through IES Abroad and IES Internships. They do not include programming offered through Customized & Faculty-Led Programs.

Refund Policy by Scenario

Refund Policy by Expense Type

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IES Abroad’s Crisis Management Team is still actively and closely monitoring the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

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