Study Abroad in London

What to Expect in London

Study abroad in London and discover all that this world-class, multi-cultural city has to offer. 

Take the tube to class, visit the food markets, attend a football match with your new friends, or enjoy a theatre performance in London’s historic West End. London has it all, making it one of the best places to study abroad. 

While studying abroad in London with IES Abroad, your experience goes beyond the classroom. Just think, you’ll be living and learning in London – the land of William Shakespeare, the Royal family, Sir Isaac Newton, and Harry Potter. When you’re not in class, you’ll be exploring the city – riding bikes through Hyde Park, visiting monuments like the Buckingham Palace, and getting lost in art and history inside London’s world-renowned museums. 

As one of the largest cities in Europe, London is a major player in international finance, the arts, business, media, politics, and more. When you study abroad in London, these fields are right at your fingertips. Plus, internships in London offer the opportunity to build a global network of professional contacts while gaining real-world experience. And, can you imagine commuting to work on a double-decker bus? So London. 

Join us at IES Abroad London and let this international city take you on the study abroad adventure of a lifetime. 

Picture Yourself in London

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Top 5 Things to Do in London

Explore Neighborhoods
The best way to get a feel for this culturally-vibrant metropolis is to visit some of its forty-eight distinct neighborhoods.
Walk Along the Thames
Snap an obligatory photo of the river from the Westminster Bridge as you begin your stroll along the Southbank.
Tour the Tower of London
Set along the River Thames, this imposing castle with its rich history has been a part of the London skyline since 1078.
Unwind in Parks & Gardens
Whenever you need a break from the city, relax and recharge in one of the city’s many parks.
Take the Warner Bros. Studio Tour
Trek to Leavesden to pay homage to J.K. Rowling and discover the magic of all things Harry Potter.

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